‘Raw dogging’ flights is the old way coming back around

Six hours, no entertainment

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A not-so-new trend has taken to the skies, but it’s not for those who can’t be alone with their thoughts.

People are now “raw dogging” long-haul flights, meaning they are jumping on a plane, without any form of entertainment.

This means no books, music, shows or movies, just sitting there in your own head.

To pass the time, some people are watching the flight map on their screens.

In a few cases, people are also trying to go without food, water or even bathroom breaks on the flight when “raw dogging” it.

Some people also won’t sleep or recline their seats, which is great news for the people behind them.

Raw dogging flights isn’t anything new. People have been making videos about it on TikTok for a few years now.

Some people say it is a “character-building exercise”, others think raw doggers are “psychotic”, but one thing is for certain: Raw dogging a flight is nothing new.

Just a piece of advice: Don’t look up what “raw dogging” is beyond the context of flying.

Or do it if you want, but you have been warned.

Doing it the hard way

Source: TikTok/JackThompson613

Personal bests and a pro tip

On TikTok, people have shared their experiencing “raw dogging” flights, along with the things they went without.

Some have also shared how long they have been able to do absolutely nothing while in the air.

“Just raw dogged a 7 hour flight (new personal best), no headphones, no movie, no water, nothing,” one person said on the platform earlier in June.

“The power of the mind knows no bounds”.

Someone noted in the comments of that video that doing nothing on a plane could be some form of a dopamine detox.

Another person said they would attempt it to “heal” their attention span.

Some people have attributed the rise of doing nothing on a plane to the Apple TV series, Hijacked, which starred Idris Elba.

However, that came out in 2023, and people have posting about doing it long before then.

Others have suggested David Puddy from Seinfeld is the “OG raw dogger”.

Back in 2022, one passenger said people should “normalise raw dogging long flights”, because by doing nothing, “your life will seem rich and eventful” by comparison.

For those thinking about attempting to raw dog the next flight they’re on, one person on TikTok had some pretty solid advice.

“Being devastatingly hungover helps,” they said.

To be completely honest, there is no way of knowing whether or not these adherents to raw dogging it on flights are actually sitting there, doing nothing for hours on end.

Is raw dogging a flight anything new?

Maybe if you were born after the year 2000, raw dogging would seem like a novel idea.

Before mobile phones provided hours of downloadable entertainment and MP3 players and the iPod kept people sane with music to listen to, doing nothing on a flight was the way to go.

If a plane didn’t have a screen to watch a movie, then the book was probably the best source of entertainment you could wish for.

Perhaps that’s why older people are raw dogging flights without even realising there is now not only a name for forgoing entertainment, but that it is also somewhat of a trend.

A few people have made videos of their parents rocking up to the airport, with no form of entertainment for their journey, because perhaps that is how they have always done it.


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