Ten great gifts for those who love to travel

Surprise those who enjoy travelling with any of these thoughtful gifts.

Surprise those who enjoy travelling with any of these thoughtful gifts.

Whether your nephew is heading off on his first solo trip overseas, or your partner eats more meals in the Qantas lounge than at home, gifts for travellers can be a convenient little niche.

They’re often (with a few exceptions) small, and therefore easy to wrap.

And if you’re lucky, they’ll misplace it on one of their next trips and you’ll get to buy it for them all over again next year. 

Here’s our pick of the best travel gifts to pop under the tree this Christmas.

Dock & Bay quick-dry towel

Dock and Bay Towel

Lightweight and compact, each of these towels is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

They dry three times faster than cotton, and come in a little bag to make life even easier.

Good stuff for anyone who’s a fan of sustainability as well as travel. $49, Dock & Bay

July Carry On Light

July Carry On Light ClayOnly with experience do we learn to pack well.

Until that day (which none of us ever truly reaches), give yourself a fighting chance by starting light.

This is the world’s lightest double-wheel suitcase, at just 1.8kg, so you can cram more in.

Also, cool colours, such as ‘clay’, above. $245, July 

OstrichPillow flight socks

Ostrichpillow Compression Socks

Yes, socks for Christmas are a cliche, but we’re nominating travel socks as a permissible sub-set.

These ones from OstrichPillow come in colours far cuter than the norm and, even better, they’re made of natural, breathable bamboo, which your feet (and nose) will appreciate after a long-haul flight.

What’s more, for every purchase on their site, they plant a tree, so you’re also gifting the planet. $45, OstrichPillow


AirFlyAirline headphones have always been problematic, both in terms of audio quality and sustainability.

Now there’s no need to settle.

Simply plug this little gizmo into the headphone jack on the plane, and connect by Bluetooth to your own wireless headphones. Genius. $59.95, Twelve South

Manta sleep mask

Manta Sleep Mask

This super-soft, breathable sleep mask is an award winner for good reason.

Moulding to your face, it effectively blocks out all light with any uncomfortable pressure.

What’s more, fully adjustable, extra-deep eye cups give plenty of room for blinking, and won’t smudge make-up.

Ideal if you’re likely to be greeted by paparazzi on arrival. $79.95, Sleep Solutions

Waterproof playing cards

Waterproof playing cardsGiven how often a game of cards occurs outside vacation time (i.e. almost never), it would make sense for all decks to be waterproof, like these.

Wipe-clean, they’re perfect for playing at the beach, pool, campsite – or just in the shower, if that floats your boat.

Go fish! $22.95, Anaconda 

Trtl travel pillow

Forget memory foam and inflatable misery, the Trtl’s secret is the internal support system hidden inside the fleece.

You simply wrap it around your neck, placing the supportive arch where it’s most comfortable, which allows it to support the head and neck ergonomically.

Velcro in place, and snooze. They also make a small one for kids. $72.99, TrtlTravel

 Kitsch silicone travel bottles

Kitsch refillable travel bottles

This chic pair of refillable tubes is simply begging to be filled with your preferred shampoo and conditioner ahead of that next trip.

Even better, the squish factor means they’ll be smaller on the way home. $41, Kitsch

Unawatuna travel beach umbrella

Unawatuna Travel Umbrella

Inspired by mid-century surf vibes, Unawatuna’s foldable parasols have a light aluminium pole and handy carry bag, so they’re road trip-ready at the drop of a (sun) hat.

They also act as the perfect prop for seaside Instagram posts, if you’re that way inclined. $199, Unawatuna

Apple Air Tag

Apple Air TagTravel and emotion go hand in hand, but our least favourite combo is the anxiety that comes from 23 hours spent wondering if you and your luggage are in the same time zone.

Remove that worry, and the relief is like nothing else on Earth. Enjoy. $49, Apple

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