What to watch on the streaming services this weekend

Winter weekends are for staying in with family and friends and watching all those shows and movies people talk about at dinner parties.

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Don’t waste your time scrolling through the sprawling back catalogues of Australia’s many streaming services.

Instead, check out one – or five – of those great new releases. No trip to the local DVD store or cinema required.



What would you do if you ran over someone with your car while drunk? Most would hope they’d do the right thing, but this Australian film delves into the shock of making a fatal mistake, the decisions you make immediately afterwards and the guilt you feel forever.

With a stellar cast that includes Joel Edgerton, Tom Wilkinson, Melissa George and rising star Jai Courtney, it’s a gripping psychological drama that’s flawed but fascinating.


Split between New York’s high society scene and underground drug trade, Power tells the tale of a former drug dealer trying to become legitimate in a world of temptation.

It’s glamorous, gratuitous and vacuous at times but it’s fun viewing with a message (or something resembling one). Plus rapper 50 Cent produces and features – what more could you want?

Begin Again

Everyone knows love and music go hand in hand and nowhere are the two more beautifully woven than in this funny and insightful 2013 movie.

Keira Knightley plays a songwriter who moves to New York, only to have her heart broken. Enter Mark Ruffalo, who plays a downtrodden record exec looking for a purpose. Together, they decide to record an album unlike any other. A killer soundtrack and plenty of hilarious and touching moments ensue.


Obvious Child

In 2007, it was Juno and Knocked Up. In 2014, it was Jenny Slate’s daring rom-com Obvious Child. In this fresh take on the classic unwanted pregnancy tale, comedienne Slate attempts to tackle the seriously contentious topic of abortion.

But before you veto this movie due to its heavy subject matter, know that Obvious Child is hilarious and risqué enough to pull it off.

Thanks to Slate’s versatility, it also grapples with a serious issue with plenty of honesty and heart.

Hot Girls Wanted

The porn industry has never been renowned for its respectability, but getting to know the young women behind the movies is a pretty eye-opening experience.

Parks and Recreation funny girl Rashida Jones is the surprising producer behind this jarring portrayal of the amateur porn industry in Miami.

Watching girls fresh out of high school with dreams of something bigger being demoralised or exploited by the industry is truly tragic.


If you’re a fan of superhero movies like The Avengers or Captain America, you’re in for a big treat with Marvel’s new series Daredevil.

The show hits the ground running as it follows the adventures of blind protagonist Matt Murdock, a sort of new-age Batman whose heightened senses allow him to fight baddies on the streets of his beloved city.

Every single episode is fast-paced, super violent and like a mini-movie. You won’t be able to stop watching.



Never watched this legal drama? It’s time to start. With all four seasons available on Quickflix, play catch-up to see why lawyers Harvey Specter and Mike Ross have such a loyal following.

Ross (played by Patrick J Adams) is a brilliant college dropout who charms Specter (Gabriel Macht) into letting him join a high-end New York law firm despite having no degree to speak of. It then devolves into an addictive portrayal of office politics. No objections.


The latest live-action take on the classic fairytale scored great reviews thanks to its unabashed sentimentality and Cate Blanchett in fine form as the evil stepmother.

It’s a tale that never tires of getting told, and you’ll never tire of watching it. Nothing wrong with adding a bit of ball gown to your Saturday night.



After a divorce, a serious drug problem and a series of tragic events, Cheryl Strayed decided to hike across America completely alone. She then documented her travels in a bestselling book which provided the basis for this 2014 film about Strayed’s journey.

Reese Witherspoon scored an Oscar nom for her performance as Strayed, and deservedly so – she’s powerful, frustrating and loveable all at once. Strayed’s story is captivating and impressive and the movie has a great soundtrack and stunning scenery.


You’ve never seen a drum solo like the one featured in this critically-acclaimed drama. J.K. Simmons won an Academy Award for his performance as a cut-throat music teacher who focusses his tyrannical gaze on budding young musician Andrew, played by the equally excellent Miles Teller.

This movie will legitimately raise your pulse as it follows Andrew’s journey from hopeful innocence to anxious wreck.

You can download any of these Ezyflix movies for free by following this link



Set in the 1960s, Aquarius is a brand new period drama designed to fill the void left by Mad Men. Starring the perennially charismatic David Duchovny as LAPD homicide detective Sam Hodiak, it delves into the case of a missing teenage girl.

Things get particularly interesting when Hodiak’s investigations lead him and his colleagues to Charles Manson. Inspired by actual events, it’s a fresh take on cop shows thanks primarily to Duchovny’s Californication-esque charm.

The Babadook

A small-budget Aussie film which scored impressive global box office figures, this 2014 horror flick had critics and audiences alike hanging on its every word.

Often hailed as one of the best horror movies ever made, The Babadook relies on psychological intensity rather than cheap thrills to produce its own brand of fear.

A must-see for any Australian, but not for the faint of heart.

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