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The days of buying a pillow off the shelf are long gone.

Nowadays, hundreds of pillows on the market are designed with technologies we once wouldn’t even imagine, taking in factors like whether you sleep on your back, side or front, or whether you freestyle throughout the night.

You may even need pressure relief if you suffer from neck and shoulder pain, for which there are also pillows explicitly designed.

Australia faces some of the most relentless summers, which means our pillows need to be breathable too. Otherwise, night sweats will only disturb our rest.

Most people know that it’s essential, but just how vital sleep is one of the most understated phenomena society faces.

In his TED Talk, sleep expert and neurologist Matthew Walker explains the importance sleep plays in our lives.

He argues that every disease that we face in developed nations has “casual and significant links to a lack of sleep”, expanding into immunity issues, cardiovascular issues and countless other worrying diseases.

It also affects our daily lives too, especially our concentration and memory.

It shouldn’t take much to convince yourself that sleeping is undoubtedly one of the most important areas to invest in, especially as we spend a third of our lives there.

So if you’re looking to invest in the right pillow for how you sleep, check out below our top picks of pillows you can order online.

Luxury Microfibre Pillow Medium


Made in Australia, these luxurious pillows have a medium to soft profile and firmness and are most suitable for front and back sleepers.

The cover is crafted from quality Japara 100 per cent cotton, while the fill is 100 per cent polyester microfibre that’s been treated with the Ultra-Fresh anti-bacteria treatment.  

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ECOSA Memory Foam Pillow

$112.50, was $150 (25% off)

The Ecosa pillow is designed to tailor to your shoulder alignment due to the ability to add or remove two elevation pads.

However you sleep, whether it’s on your back, front, side, or all three throughout the night, the Ecosa memory foam pillow is comfortable for each position.

The bond you build with this pillow will be so good you’ll want to take it with you everywhere you go, which is why it comes with two handy bags, a vacuum-sealed bag and a drawstring bag so you can take it on any expedition away from home.

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The Koala Pillow


If you suffer from neck pain and require more support that you can’t get from your typical duck down or polyester-filled pillow, then this award-winning Koala Pillow is the upgrade your slumber has been waiting for.

It’s filled with 100 per cent Polyurethane Gel Foam, and the outer cover is made from 66 per cent polyester and 34 per cent TENCEL™ Lyocell.

The foundation of this design is the polyurethane gel-infused memory foam core that cushioned the neck while releasing the heat in the process. 

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 Emma Foam Pillow

$100.00, was $200 (50 per cent off)

Using viscoelastic foam that contours to the shape of your shoulders, neck and head, there’s a weightless feel to resting your head while still getting the support you need.

The Firm HRX Supreme Foam distributes the weight of your head and shoulder across the pillow while preventing too much movement.

It’s designed to maintain the optimal body temperature, even during Australia’s hottest months, using the ultra-breathable Airgocell foam.

Each layer of foam brings different factors that make this pillow technologically advanced compared to many others on the market.

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Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

$161.49, was $189.99

Relatively new to the market is the Ergoflex Memory Foam pillow.

With high-density visco-elastic foam that’s used in their reputable mattress to deliver the ideal balance of support and breathability, Ergoflex supports the perfect sleeping position and posture while relieving any pressure built up in the shoulders and neck.

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