Bizarre footage emerges of Barnaby Joyce lying on Canberra footpath

Barnaby Joyce lies on the Canberra footpath

Source: Daily Mail

Former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has confessed his “embarrassment” after bizarre footage emerged of him talking on the phone while lying dishevelled on a Canberra footpath late on Wednesday.

The footage, obtained by the Daily Mail on Friday, appears to show the veteran Nationals MP lying on Londsale Street, in the suburb of Braddon, shortly after 11.30pm on Wednesday.

Sources told the publication that 56-year-old Joyce was sitting on a large pot plant while having an animated conversation telephone conversation when he fell off and “rolled around”.

He continued his call while lying on ground, dressed in a suit and what appeared to be the same tie he wore in Parliament earlier on Wednesday. Much of his conversation is muffled in the footage but some profanities – including what is apparently “dead f—ing c–t” – are clear.

Joyce told the publication on Friday the scene was “very embarrassing”.

“I was walking back to my accommodation after Parliament rose at 10pm,” he said.

“While on the phone I sat on the edge of a plant box, fell over, kept talking on the phone, and very animatedly was referring to myself for having fallen over.

“I got up and walked home.”

barnaby joyce

The footage shows Joyce lying on a footpath late on Wednesday. Screen grab: Daily Mail

In a separate statement, Joyce’s new wife Vikki Campion has told News Ltd that he was talking to her at the time. She said the expletives weren’t aimed at her.

“No, I think he was calling himself one, he likes to self-flagellate,” Campion said.

She said she was disappointed a passerby had filmed Joyce, rather than offering help.

“I’ve been with Barnaby when we have found a man in the same state on the street, and rather than take a video and sell it to the media, he picked the guy up and took him home. We later found out there had been problems with his medication and if he hadn’t helped him back he could have been in a very bad situation,” she said.

“On another occasion, he picked up a hospital patient who was walking around disoriented and took him back to the hospital.

“Both of them were Canberra residents who he went out of his way to help after a sitting. It’s disgusting that when he was in need they could not even check he was OK.”

Campion and Joyce had a bush bash-style wedding at his family’s property in Woolbrook, in the NSW Northern Tablelands, last November. They have two young sons.

The couple’s relationship sparked the Turnbull government’s infamous 2018 “bonk ban”, when it emerged the then-married and then-deputy PM was having an affair with Campion. She was a Liberal staffer at the time.

The “bonk ban” resurfaced on the ABC last week, with the three-part series Nemesis discussing the nine years of the former Coalition government.

Joyce admitted lying to then-PM Malcolm Turnbull about his relationship with Campion. She was heavily pregnant when the relationship became public.

“It wasn’t his right to know,” Joyce told the show.

He also relived his anger when rewatching a famous Turnbull press conference outlining the new ministerial code of conduct.

“In my previous life, I’d been a bouncer in a pub and I was very close to returning to that field of endeavour. Because I was thinking, you can’t do stuff like that mate,” he said.

“I was furious. I didn’t see him as a prime minister then. I saw him as an idiot.”

Joyce also has four adult daughters with ex-wife Natalie Abberfield.

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