Top videos: Elon Musk opens Tesla factory with a daggy dad dance

Top Videos Of The Week (25 March 2022)

It is once again the weekend – and we have returned with more videos for your viewing pleasure!

We have plenty of shocking celebrity moments on offer this week – including Ash Barty’s shock announcement, Elon Musk’s shockingly bad dance moves, and Miley Cyrus’ electrifying private plane emergency.

With the weather having taken a bit of a dive this week, we hope these videos warm your soul.

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Ash Barty’s bombshell

Ash Barty broke hearts around the world this week when she announced she was retiring from tennis at the age of just 25.

Just months ago we were celebrating Barty’s miraculous Australian Open singles win. The star actually revealed she had her heart set on retirement before the Open, and the tournament Down Under was her “last crack” at the sport.

While we were hoping to see more of Barty on the courts, we can’t wait to see what’s next for her – whether that be having a family of her own, or dabbling in any other sporting codes.

You know, on top of already being a cricket champion and tennis legend. No big deal.


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Elon’s dad dance

Telsa multi-billionaire Elon Musk lit up the internet this week with his questionable dance moves.

Musk, who recently become a father to his seventh child with on-and-off partner Grimes, sure has perfected his daggy dad moves.

He performed an impromptu dance at the company’s grand opening of its Gigafactory in Berlin.

And when we say ‘dance’, the routine largely consisted of off-beat fist-pumping and hip-shaking.

I’m spinning around …

A series of gnarly twisters ripped through Texas this week.

Texas Storm Chasers estimate as many as 30 tornadoes have been confirmed in Texas since March 21.

One unlucky teenager was caught up in a terrifying incident on the way home from a job interview, which saw his truck thrown around in the fierce winds.

Miraculously, he walked away unscathed – and he says he’s now earned the new nickname ‘Tornado Boy’ from the incident.

You can watch a full interview with Riley Leon, the 16-year-old driver, here on Twitter.

Rod’s community service

Music legend Rod Stewart traded a microphone for a high-vis vest to fix some pesky potholes near his Essex home.

“The other day there was an ambulance with a burst tyre, my Ferrari can’t go through here at all,” Sir Rod said in an Instagram video.

“So me and the boys thought we’d come do it ourselves.”

It’s All for love of the community, right Rod?


Miley’s shocking flight

Miley Cyrus’ private plane was forced to make an emergency landing this week when it was struck by lightning.

The former Disney star posted footage of the incident to her social media, plus a picture of the damage.

“Our plane was caught in a major unexpected storm and struck by lightning,” Cyrus wrote after the terrifying incident.

“My crew, band, friends and family who were all travelling with me are safe after an emergency landing.”

Sweet lullaby

Years after the song’s release, the Baby Shark phenomenon still reigns supreme.

When this young flier was having a tough time on a flight, the plane’s passengers worked together to calm him down using the power of song.

Join in if you know the words!


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Rocky’s day at the dentist

Even saltwater crocodiles need to remember to get a check-up at the dentist.

Rocky had to check-in for an appointment at Wild Life Sydney Zoo and have a couple of teeth removed.

The team of 10 experts that performed the surgery can now happily report Rocky is on his way to a toothache-free recovery and is now back loving life under his heat lamp.

Hide and seek

This crafty possum has possibly found the world’s best hiding spot.


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Easily amused

These birds use a toothpaste box to communicate.

It’s giving us flashbacks to the classic tin-can telephones.

@facebeak They may not have teeth but they sure do enjoy a #colgatetoothepaste box! 😂 #colgate #petbirdsofinstagram #talkingbird #talkingbirdsoftictoc ♬ original sound – Facebeak

Strumming away

This happy pup is a natural at playing the guitar.

If only it was that easy for us humans!

@ivangonick #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #guitar #dog ♬ Piperstailstrum – Ivan Gonick

Happy, happy hippo

To be honest, we wish we were as zen as this floating hippo.


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