How to improve the value of your home for $1000



When you think of home renovation and increasing the value of your property, it’s hard not to imagine the blockbuster renovations made famous by TV show The Block.

But $700,000 renovations done by teams of builders are often out of the question for the average person looking to improve the value of their home.

But the enthusiasm that we bring to watching other people renovate a house on TV may not translate to fixing up our own homes.

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New research from Roy Morgan shows that since 2010, “the proportion of Australians who improved their home within the past year has declined”.

Those improvements include minor repairs or alterations, painting indoor or outdoor walls, ceilings or windows sills, or redecorating or refurbishing things like carpets and curtains.

“And it’s not like we have grand plans and no time – we actually just care less,” the research says. “Over the same period, the proportion of us intending to do any of these things in the next 12 months has similarly declined.”

So if cost is one of the major impediments to switching off the TV and building that new front porch, The New Daily has some solutions. We speak to renovators, real estate agents and property experts about the DIY tricks to improve the value of your property while spending $1000 or less.

Where you should spend

Metropole property strategist Michael Yardney recommends updating the outside of your house with landscaping and paving.

“Bathrooms, kitchens and outside of the house – that’s where you get the best bang for your buck,” Mr Yardney says.

Renovating For Profit founder Cherie Barber says the areas where people should spend most of their money is renovating their kitchen and bathroom.

“The two biggest rooms in a property that add the most value are the kitchen and bathroom so it would always be wise to invest your money in those two areas,” Ms Barber says.


A $1000 kitchen makeover by Cherie Barber. Image: supplied


Instead of buying expensive cabinets and tiles for your kitchen, invest in paint which allows you to cosmetically update the area, says Ms Barber.

Using laminate paint, which sells for around $50 per litre, Ms Barber completely transformed a 30-year-old kitchen for $990.

“You can have it tinted to any colour you want and it gives your kitchen a completely different look with a lick of paint alone,” she says.

Ensure that you have good quality products and don’t rush painting because a bad paint job can devalue your property by thousands of dollars.


Mr Yardney suggests replacing the fittings and furnishings in your bathroom to make it more appealable without hiring expensive plumbers and tilers.

“Often you can do things like replace the taps with more modern ones and have nice fashionable towels,” he says.

Ms Barber also recommends tile paint to completely change the look of your bathroom on the cheap.


Landscaping can improve your home’s value. Photo: ShutterStock

“A lot of tiles are in structurally good condition, just cosmetically the wrong colour,” she says.

“Before you throw out think twice because it’s amazing the look you can achieve with these incredible products.”


Brisbane Makeover Co founder David Manciameli says landscaping is one of the top ways to improve the value and appeal of your home.

“A good trick to use, if you can afford it, is get a few plants that are at least established and a bit more mature,” he says.

Mr Yardney also advises updating your front garden to make your house look more attractive to potential buyers.

“Make it fresh and up to date and spend some time and money doing up the garden because it’s the first impression people have.”

Doing some paving, buying new plants, or renting a high-pressure cleaner for your driveway will all instantly update your home.


The Block Glasshouse

Bathrooms to asipre to on The Block. Photo: Supplied

Decluttering your home and updating the furniture and decor is another instant way to improve the value of your property, Mr Manciameli says.

“If you get in some pillows and accents and just decorate the home, with that dollar figure you’ll go further,” he says.

Mr Yardney says cluttering your home with personal belongings will devalue your home “because people don’t want to imagine you living there”.

When redecorating, buying new furniture can be expensive, so choose a few rooms you want to highlight and hire furniture instead, says Mr Dardha.

“Hire furniture if you’re on a budget and really want to improve the look of your home. It’s a lot more affordable than people think,” he says.

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