Your choice of shampoo can reveal your age, values and hobbies

There's no hiding: Even your choice of shampoo can reveal your education, income and values.

There's no hiding: Even your choice of shampoo can reveal your education, income and values. Photo: Getty

Your choice of shampoo can reveal as much about you as the kind of car you drive or clothes you wear, according to new research.

A man who washes his locks with Head & Shoulders is most likely interested in mechanics and motorsport, and his highest degree of education is probably high school.

Meanwhile, a Pantene purchaser is probably a woman aged over 35 who believes crime rates are increasing in her community.

The predictions come from Roy Morgan this week, which analysed the most commonly bought shampoos on the Australian market.

The research body also used its values and demographics analysis to configure a snapshot of each brand’s typical user.

The average Head & Shoulders shampoo buyer is a Millennial dad. Photo: Getty

The three most popular shampoo brands in Australia, according to the research, are Head & Shoulders – which takes a commanding 16.4 per cent of the market– followed by Alberto (13.8 per cent) and TRESemmé (13.6 per cent).

Australians’ dedication to Head & Shoulders means its parent company Procter and Gamble commands 32.4 per cent of the market, placing it ahead of Unilever (Alberto,TRESemmé, Sunsilk) on 23.7 per cent and Garnier Fructis’ owner L’Oreal on 13.7 per cent.

You are who you wash with

While more women than men buy shampoo, most of the blokes who do buy it, buy Head & Shoulders.

The average Head & Shoulders user is male, aged between 25 and 34, who works full-time in a skilled or semi-skilled job that helps him contribute to an average household income of $110,000.

He probably has young children – no older than 11 – and places a high value on financial security. Oh, and he’s worried about today’s interest rates.

His hobbies include playing pool and video games, working on his car, stamp collecting, and he doesn’t mind going to the casino.

That last trait probably feeds into his penchant for entering competitions on the back of product packets.

In terms of values, he’s more likely to believe homosexuality is immoral, and thinks the most important thing a child should learn is respect for authority.

An Alberto woman wouldn’t be out of place at a fancy dinner or a concert. Photo: Getty

The Alberto woman

Your typical Alberto user is a woman aged between 35 and 49 who most likely lives in either Queensland or Victoria.

She’s more educated than the average Australian, which has helped her attain a full-time job in a white-collar role, the salary of which feeds into her household’s annual $115,000 income.

Speaking of incomes, she believes a portion of everyone’s income should be given to charities.

An Alberto user is probably a mother, with children between the ages of six and 15, and she thinks homosexual Australians should have the right to be parents, too – she supports their rights to adopt children.

Her other values include learning new and different things, but she’s worried about the environment and the levels of corruption at play in the country.

In her downtime, she enjoys dining out (in fact she’d do it every night if she could) – especially if it’s in the city, where she can combine it with a live music show.

She loves a holiday, but only if everything is organised for her.

Traditional values

The modern-day Pantene user is likely to be a Baby Boomer or Generation X woman aged between 35 and 64 years old who works part-time, enjoys cafe outings and believes the government is doing a good job of running the country and controlling the economy.

She represents traditional Australian values, and doesn’t mind dropping a little extra coin on products that are well established and consistent.

Her household’s income is $110,000, and she’s got a few skills up her sleeve, including sewing and gardening.

She also doesn’t mind settling down in front of the television to watch horse racing, swimming and lawn bowls.

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