Ten delicious sandwiches from 10 amazing chefs

Bread. Salad. Protein. Sauce. And many things in between – a great sandwich really is a work of art.

Whether you prefer mayo or mustard, rye or linseed, hot or cold, everyone has their own version of the perfect sambo.

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So here, 10 top chefs including Daniel Wilson and Philippa Sibley put together their favourite hand-held lunch treats from around the world.

Some are easy, some take a bit more work – but they’re all delicious.

Lebanese club sandwich

“As with all club sandwiches, it’s really about the combination of textures and flavours,” says Greg Malouf. “Here you get the scent of the sea from the crab and taramasalata, some spice and herbs from the tabbouleh, and crunchy freshness from the cucumber.”

Posh rainbow trout sandwich

“The combinations here are ever so posh,” says Philippa Sibley. “Cucumber and watercress sandwiches with smoked rainbow trout. Perfect after a spot of tennis, lazing on the porch with a nice G and T.”

Aussie steak sandwich

Ben O’Donoghue makes the ultimate steak sandwich using an often-overlooked cut of meat – the flank steak. “Marinate it really well and then just show it the fire,” O’Donoghue says. “Cook it quickly and cut it thin, and you will enjoy the best steak sandwich this side of the black stump.”

Ice cream and fudge sandwich

The decadent ice cream and fudge sandwich has never left the menu at Daniel Wilson’s restaurant Huxtable. “I have fond memories of being over at my neighbours’, who always had ice cream slices and pink wafers that fit to make a sandwich,” says Wilson.

Fool’s gold Elvis sandwich

Billy Law stumbled across this heart-stoppingly delicious sandwich at the annual Elvis Festival in Parkes, NSW – and it’s not for the faint-hearted. “The original version made by a restaurant in Denver, Colorado, consists of a single warmed, hollowed-out bread roll filled with one jar each of peanut butter and grape jelly, then topped with a pound of crispy bacon (a pound!),” says Law.

Croque monsieur

This fancy toasted sandwich is what French people consider fast food, says Sabrina Parrini. “Its crunchy, buttery outside and oozy cheesy inside make it the ultimate comfort food, and it’s super easy for the kids to make.”

Turkish fish sandwich

Rebecca Seal remembers eating this fish sandwich on the Golden Horn inlet in Istanbul. “The fish is incredibly fresh, cooked in front of you before being tucked into a baguette alongside thin slivers of salted onion, herbs and juicy tomato,” remembers Seal. “Eating one perched on a wall or plastic stool, with a cold beer in hand, beats most restaurant meals.”

Moroccan Kefta sandwich

This burst of Moroccan street flavour from Andy Harris’ A Month in Marrakesh is light and healthy and delicious.

Lamb rib sandwich

Mastermind of Melbourne’s hit Beatbox Kitchen food truck, Raph Rashid, shares his rich lamb rib sandwich recipe from new book Hungry For That. “I love ribs of all kinds,” says Rashid. “I think they are the perfect way to eat meat. My only concern is that they can be super fatty. I especially love lamb ribs. They are usually discarded at the butcher, but I really don’t know why.”

Healthy tuna sandwich

Gabriel Gaté makes this healthy tuna sandwich several times a week – as with many things, simplicity is key. “I find that the tuna works wonderfully well with tangy rye bread but you could also use a flat bread, such as mountain bread or pitta bread,” says Gaté.

What’s your favourite sandwich? Let us know in the comments below.

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