Australia is the world’s second most promiscuous nation

Only one country beat out Australia on the average number of sexual partners.

Only one country beat out Australia on the average number of sexual partners. Photo: Getty

Australians are some of the most promiscuous people in the world, beating out every country but one in total sexual partners.

According to the statistics website World Population Review, Australians average 13.3 partners across their lifetime, beaten only by Turkey’s 14.5 average.

“Most individuals have multiple sexual partners over the course of their lifetimes, with surveys indicating a global average of nine sexual partners during a person’s life,” the report said.

“The average number of sexual partners can vary significantly from country to country, as cultural norms can have a significant impact on the number of people someone has sex with.”

Turkey quake

Turkey was the only country where people reported having more sexual partners than Australia. Photo: AAP

New Zealand came in at third, with an average of 13.2 partners, followed by Iceland.

The top 10:

  1. Turkey – 14.5
  2. Australia – 13.3
  3. New Zealand – 13.2
  4. Iceland – 13
  5. South Africa – 12.5
  6. Finland – 12.4
  7. Norway – 12.1
  8. Italy – 11.8
  9. Sweden – 11.8
  10. Switzerland – 11.1

The lower end

The report’s author said there are also countries in which people tend to have far fewer sexual partners than the global average because of “societal or cultural preferences to abstain from premarital sex”.

In India, where many people follow strict marriage rules, the average person has three sexual partners during the course of his or her life, they said.

“People who live in Hong Kong, Vietnam, and China tend to have fewer than four sexual partners during the course of their lives.”

India’s cultural values influence their low number of sexual partners, according to the report. Photo: AAP

The bottom 10:

  1. India – 3
  2. China – 3.1
  3. Vietnam – 3.2
  4. Hong Kong 3.7
  5. Indonesia – 5.1
  6. Slovakia – 5.4
  7. Malaysia – 5.8
  8. Germany – 5.8
  9. Poland – 6
  10. Spain – 6.1

Age and gender

According to the research on which the report was based, the average number of partners across a lifetime is nine.

“The baby boomer generation was the most promiscuous with 12 different sexual partners on average,” the research said.

“In the past 12 months, the Millennial generation was the most sexually active with over 2 different sexual partners on average.”

The research found that by 25-years-old, the average number of sexual partners begins to fall.

fire movement young people

The research found the number of sexual partners a person has to drops at 25 years old. Photo: Getty

Globally 5.4 per cent of men reported having over 40 sexual partners, compared to 1.8 per cent of women, while women also reported having fewer sexual partners.

“The biggest revelation is the fact that systematically across generations women report to have had fewer different sexual partners,” the research said.

“In fact women on average report to have had 68 per cent fewer sexual partners than men.”

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