Raking it in: The lawn mowers making money and helping people smile

Tim the Lawnmower Man/YouTube

Tim Parker never set out to be an internet hero, but that’s exactly what happened when he started uploading videos of himself mowing lawns to lure new clients.

Then one night, the views kept rolling in.

The Sydney firefighter and business owner told TND he was utterly shocked as his phone started to relentlessly ping, notifying him of new followers and comments.

With his new-found virality, Parker had the idea of doing “free mow Fridays” – finding a lawn in need of some care and asking the home owner if he could mow it and film the process, for free.

His business model is pretty unusual. These days he only has a handful of clients that pay him, but the money he makes on social media and through sponsorships is enough for him to keep mowing people’s lawns for free.

Of course, in reality, the process of mowing a lawn, plus setting up the camera and then editing the videos takes a long time, especially for a one-man show.

“I figured I’m getting paid indirectly from it anyway, I don’t need to get payment from the client. I can make my money through the videos,” he said.


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Not a hero, just lucky

You’ll see plenty of comments under Parker’s videos where he is offering a free service, noting that what he is doing is genuinely so kind.

One person he helped stands out to him in particular – an elderly woman who cried when he offered to mow her lawn in 2022 because she was so grateful.

“You actually completed the job before you even started. You gave her the free gift of happiness,” one person said in the comments of that video.

“Taking care of her yard was just the icing on the cake.”

Parker still works with the fire brigade but on his days off, he is committed to his content and is glad to wake up with a purpose.

However, he’s a very humble guy, and rejects any sort of notion that he is some sort of hero for helping other people with their gardens.

“I’m lucky I get to do what I enjoy and go and have fun and do these unique things,” he said.

Knocking on strangers’ doors, and filming them only with their consent, has become easier over time and Parker doesn’t think he should be judging who is worthy of a free mow, because “everyone deserves a nice surprise” from time to time.

Of course, there are also snarky comments on videos, questioning how someone could let their lawn become that overgrown.

The reality is that sometimes the home owners are elderly, others are not physically able to do the garden themselves, and often mental health has affected their ability to look after their lawn.

And sometimes, people don’t have the right equipment to deal with their lawns, Parker said.

Why do people love mowing videos

One might think mowing content wouldn’t be lucrative, but it clearly is.

Under the handle @timthelawnmowerman, Parker has amassed millions of followers – and he isn’t the only person making videos of lawn transformations who is raking in millions of views.

Nathans Lawns And Gardens is another Australian channel that does yard work for people. There are also plenty of people making similar content overseas.

There’s something so calming about these videos. Parker believes people enjoy his content because it’s simply satisfying to see a transformation in such a short amount of time.

Not only has Parker been able to make feel-good content the internet often needs, but he also has a more educational channel, where he dives into products one would need to care for their lawns themselves.

If you don’t know how to tend to your lawn, seeking out advice or tips on YouTube or social media could be a good place to start.

Parker has made videos on how to change the oil in a trimmer, while Nathan recently shared a pretty smart gardening hack.

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