Apple looking into alarming iPhone issue

Apple has acknowledged there is something weird going on with its alarms.

Apple has acknowledged there is something weird going on with its alarms. Photo: Getty

Gone are the days when analog alarm clocks woke everyone with a loud ring. Most people now rely on their mobile phones, but a recent issue with Apple shows this might not be a good idea.

People have been telling the same story over the past few weeks on social media. They set their alarm on their Apple iPhone, but overslept.

Their alarm, through Apple’s own Clock app, is not going off.

People are complaining that they’ve missed classes and been late for work because their iPhone alarm failed.

One student said she had an exam one morning and afterwards she decided to take a nap.

Despite having set up five alarms to ensure she was awake for her next class, none made any noise and she slept through her “stats class”.

“I know it’s not me, like, I’m not the problem here,” she said.

“Maybe sometimes I am, like, the problem and I don’t set the alarms but this time, I swear to god, I actually set the alarms and they didn’t go off.”


i can’t be the only one my alarms randomly don’t work🤨🤨 #fyp #foryoupage

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Apple confirms problem

According to the US edition of Today, Apple is aware of the issue plaguing iPhone users and is reportedly working on a fix.

In the meantime, people who have been affected by non-working alarms are being urged to check their settings.

People should go into Sounds and Haptics in their Settings app and make sure the “Ringtone and Alerts” volume is turned up all the way.

It’s also worth turning off the “Attention Aware Features”, which essentially silences notifications, and alarms, when you are looking at your phone.

It should be noted that having Do Not Disturb on while asleep should not prevent your alarm from going off in the morning, or to wake you up from a nap.


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What to do amid Apple’s alarm issue

If problems are persisting while Apple works to resolve the issue or you’re paranoid about oversleeping there are a few obvious things you could do.

It seems the issue is specific to Apple’s own Clock app.

If you still want to use your phone as an alarm, then look out for another app.

My suggestion is perfect for anyone who is very groggy in the morning. It’s called Alarmy and to turn the alarm off, I have set it up so I have to vigorously shake it 30 times.

You can also solve a maths problem to shut it off, or you can choose a location in your home that forces you to get out of bed, and snap a photo to silence it.

It’s annoying but it worked for me this morning.

Additionally you could just revert back to old-school alarm clocks, which can look quite nice on the bedside table.

There are battery-powered ones, or the classic clock radio so you can wake up to some smooth talk-back radio in the morning if that is your jam.

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