‘Your ban got lifted. Get over it’: Jacqui Lambie’s heated Q&A discussion

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie believes anyone who supports Sharia Law should be deported.

Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie believes anyone who supports Sharia Law should be deported. Photo: ABC

Outspoken Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie has told practising Muslim Yassmin Abdel-Magied to “stop playing the victim” during a tense discussion about national security.

On Monday night’s edition of Q&A, Ms Lambie was asked if she would advocate a travel ban in Australia, much like US President Donald Trump’s attempt to stop people from seven Muslim-majority entering America.

“Anybody who supports Sharia Law in this country should be deported,” she said.

What followed was a fired-up response from Ms Abdel-Magied, who was born in Sudan – a country on President Trump’s travel ban list – and claimed Ms Lambie did not understand what she was talking about.

“My frustration is that people talk about Islam without knowing anything about it, and they are willing to completely negate any of my rights as a human being, as a woman, simply because they have an idea on what my faith is about,” she said.

“Islam to me is the most feminist religion, right. We got equal rights well before the Europeans. We don’t take our husband’s last names because we ain’t their property. We were given the right to own land.

“The fact is Jacqui, in Sharia it says ‘you follow the law of the land of which you are on’.”

Host Tony Jones asked Ms Abdel-Magied about how Mr Trump’s ban has affected her life as a dual citizen, but he was cut off by Ms Lambie.

“Stop playing the victim, we’ve had enough. Your ban got lifted, get over it,” she said, pointing at Ms Abdel-Magied.

The Islamic youth leader earlier explained how much it hurt to be stereotyped because of where one was born or their faith.

“Apparently because I was born in Sudan I might be a terrorist,” she said.

“I was caught in that because of the fact I was born in Sudan despite the fact I grew up in this country, I know no other real culture.

“We’re normalising the kinds of discussions and the kind of rhetoric that Donald Trump uses frightens me.

Watch the heated discussion below:

“Jacqui you talk about protecting Australians, well I am Australian, I have gone around the world talking about how much I love Australia. It hurts me deeply when my elected representatives don’t want to have me in this country, simply because of my faith or where I was born.”

Ms Abdel-Magied referenced the pre-World War II era, saying it’s the same kind of “othering” countries did to other nations and faiths that were different.

Ms Lambie accepted the notion that what she says can be hateful to others, saying that the minorities needs do not beat the majority.

“They want to feel safe and be safe and if Donald Trump wants to put those on hold for three months he has every right to do so until he can work out exactly what is going on,” she said.

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