The 13 fashion rules to stop caring about immediately

High heels? Who needs 'em!

High heels? Who needs 'em! Photo: Getty

The fashion, beauty and style industry is full of dictates.

Some matter, such as “always wear clean underwear”, but in fact, I think Mum actually said that, not Vogue.

What I do know is a lot don’t matter, at all. Here, a list of things that you can officially not care about ever again.

1. Whether you are ‘on trend’

The idea of following trends slavishly is officially over. The days of magazine fashion editors pronouncing what is in and what is out are long gone. Individuality is key to real style.

If a dominant trend doesn’t suit you, or you don’t like it, then don’t give it a moment’s thought. High-summer choices include everything from a playsuit to a caftan, so go with the items that feel right, and flatter your shape.

2. Being ‘beach-body ready’

You have a body. You’re ready.

3. Your upper arms

Odds are you hate them (most women do), so you’ll stay hot.

No one will remember you bared your arms, but they may notice the perspiration sliding down your face.

4. Disrobing

Gentlemen, you may take your jacket and tie off at a party if it is stinking hot. It’s sweet that you are committed to keeping up the formality but we feel your pain, and you have our permission.

5. Having perfect hair in the humidity

Painstakingly straightening your hair in the midst of high humidity is pointless.

Let it go naturally curly. Pull it back in a ponytail. Get a short “wash-and-go” cut.

6. Heavy contouring

Especially during the steamier weather. Contouring is designed to trick the eye in photographs, but it can look ageing in real life (see Kylie Jenner, who is 19 but looks about 35 to me).

For a summer glow, just add a highlighter on the top of the cheekbones, or a light dusting of bronzing powder all over.

Kylie Jenner's heavy makeup makes her look older than she really is. Photo: Getty

Kylie Jenner’s heavy makeup makes her look older than she really is. Photo: Getty

7. The idea that you are too old to wear jeans

As long as they fit well, they will be a wardrobe staple for life.

8. Having lots and lots of things

A well-edited wardrobe makes life so much simpler, when you know that everything you reach for fits well, looks good, and you feel comfortable in.

9. Wearing high heels to fancy events

Long gowns often look much more chic with flats or a sandal, plus you’ll feel more relaxed.

10. The fact that your bra is showing

Just make sure it is a pristine, attractive bra and then it just becomes part of the outfit.

Let your bra shine. Photo: Getty

Let your bra shine. Photo: Getty

11. Matching earrings

Apparently the idea now is to wear mismatched earrings. Or just one. I prefer mismatched because it avoids the issue of having to tell well meaning people that you haven’t lost one.

12. Wearing a favourite item over and over again

The idea is that when you invest in something, and you love it, you are creating your own vintage pieces.

13. Saving things for ‘best’

It’s like your parents keeping the good silverware in the cupboard for visitors, or saving the nice babywear while the child grows out of it before there is a chance to wear it.

What is “best” anyway? Wear your tiara to the shops if you want.

Wear your best dress to the supermarket if you feel like it. Photo: Getty

Wear your best dress to the supermarket if you feel like it. Photo: Getty

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