Lawyer up: the surprising new style icon for men

There’s a new, and unlikely heartthrob on the scene, thanks to the current popularity of the gripping Netfix ten -part documentary series, Making a Murderer.

Dean Strang is the quiet, understated, yet fiercely intelligent, defence attorney who doggedly represents alleged killer Steven Avery.

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The thinking woman has come to love diminutive Dean and his daggy normcore looks and mid 2000’s dress sense, which have since become a hit on the internet (see for the full sartorial effect).

Strang’s initial appeal for viewers comes from his innate humanity and firm resolution to see justice done, but there is also a lot to like about his dad wardrobe.

He’s the boyfriend you stupidly threw over for the handsome hunk that broke your heart, and now you wish he was there on the lounge with you, explaining why the truth matters.

Here, the Dean Strang checklist.

The Just Cuts hairstyle

Strang has a good head of hair, with a slightly over-long fringe that has a habit of falling forward. The style says: “I’m in between haircuts. I haven’t had time, there were so many facts I had to get through.” It’s probably exactly the same haircut he had when he started preschool.


The rimless glasses

No designer frames for Strang, he can mostly be seen wearing clear nondescript rimless spectacles, with high nerd appeal. He has a slight hangdog expression and appears somewhat myopic, which is contrary to his searing ability to see through and skewer every piece of fabricated evidence.


The XXL Suit on the S/M Frame

Strang clearly buys off the rack, but he may be going to the wrong rack, in the wrong store, as his jackets are about four sizes too big. The tapered skinny pant is not for him – his trousers are regulation bus driver wide. Strang adorably not knowing his real suit size is representative of about 80% of men globally. It again says: “I am too busy, and too worried about the legal rights of the powerless, to care.” Be still my heart. This is a man who replaces his suits out of necessity, and is impervious to trends.


The short-sleeved shirt. Ironed. With creases.

Woah. This is the reckless, devil-may-care look that appears when the temperature heats up in Manitowoc Country. Sometimes seen tucked into Dad jeans, which sit high on the hips. Maybe worn jauntily untucked over said same jeans. Often seen in plaid. Again, could possibly have been the shirt choice on his first day school, or at least a junior school favourite, accessorized with a lunch box.


The jeans

High-waisted, wide-legged blue jeans, vaguely reminiscent of an episode of Friends and probably bought at the same store he gets his Dockers. This style of jean is also known as “what your boss would wear to your house if you invited him to an impromptu BBQ”. Could also be seen with a belt. They’re Strang’s go to choice for when he is kicking back on the lounge with the remote, worn with a long-sleeved plaid shirt (one button undone) and bare feet.


Button-down collared shirts

Notably, he favours the collegiate style, where the collar pops out insouciantly from a round-necked sweater. Fond of fine cable knit detail that says “playing with texture, but not too much”.


Polo shirts

The tight polo that hints at a ripped, gym built body underneath is not for Strang. He has no time for exercise, as fighting for the underdog while carefully not laying blame on the police and judiciary takes precedence. The styling edge here is baggy, and slightly oversized. Like the prosecutor.

It looks like we are seeing the end of the very tight-fitting suit (just as well as they are nearing wetsuit proportions now) so Strang has my vote for being the new muse in mainstream menswear. Which is great news for middle age men all over the world. No doubt it’s all still in their wardrobes.



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